Tips Choosing Wireless Adapter

Do not let you select and purchase one that should not be purchased. Read and see good tips for choosing the right wireless adapter at here.

Wireless Adapter So that the computer can connect to network without wired, the computer requires a special tool. A tool specifically designed to edit, send, and receive data to and from the network. This tool is commonly called the wireless adapter or network adapter or other languages in your country.

So that the computer can capture, recognize, send and receive data to and from a wireless network, means the computer will require a wireless adapter.

Well, if you want your computer or laptop be able to detect and then join the existing wireless network around, you need a wireless adapter. In the wireless adapter, there is a transmitter which serves to transmit radio signals, and receiver functions to receive a wave or signal.

If by chance you already have a laptop built-in wireless adapter, and feel quite satisfied with the capabilities it has, you do not need to buy a new wireless adapter. But, if your laptop or computer has not have it, it means you need to buy it.

Outside there are many types, brands, and shape the wireless adapter. Capabilities, advantages, disadvantages, and the quality also varies. To seek and know the wireless adapter that best suits your needs, then you need to know of types a wireless adapter.

Shape Wireless Adapter

Wireless adapter are generally placed on one of the port input / output (I/O ports) on your computer or laptop. For example in expansion card slot, or the socket located on the motherboard, or on a PCMCIA socket, or also the USB socket. Where and how the wireless card is placed, depending on their shape.

Of course, each wireless adapter shape has advantages and disadvantages. To find out most suitable form for you, may depend also on the type of computer you are using.

For example, a wireless adapter that shaped PC Card usually best suited for laptops. While USB adapter, usually most appropriate for desktop computers. But of course it does not have to. You are still free to choose the form of a wireless adapter that you like. Important thing is your computer has the required slot by wireless adapter.

Internal Adapter

Almost all new laptops have wireless adapter module output on a mini PC Card. The module is placed directly on the motherboard. An antenna, also in included with him. The goal, among others, to add ease and convenience to users laptop.

With a wireless adapter that attaches directly on the motherboard, laptop users do not have to bother to carry a separate wireless adapter. It is also a way to minimize the risk of losing the wireless adapter.

The drawback was only one, because the adapter attached in motherboard, make this adapter can not be lifted and moved. For what moved? For example when you want to use the wireless adapter on your laptop or pc desktop another.

Laptop that includes a wireless adapter module on the motherboard, generally includes a button to turn on and off this function. The point, among others, to maintain security and save the battery. If you find that your laptop has an internal adapter, try to look for the button, and use.

If you’re not going to use wireless, this function must be turned off. It was to prevent the computer from being compromised by others through a wireless network. Also to save battery life. Do not forget to turn it on again when you want to access the wireless network.

PC Cards

If your laptop do not have an internal wireless adapter, you do not have to be sad and disappointed. Because you still can detect and access the wireless network with the laptop, by purchasing a wireless adapter in the form of PC Cards and then place them on a PCMCIA card slot.

How to choose the brand? Do not be afraid, almost all manufacturers Wireless Adapter producing this type. In addition to its practical, the weight is not too burdensome. Because of these two things is the factor most desired by laptop users.

Consider the picture below, this is one example of a wireless PC Card adapter.


What about the battery? When PC Cards not in use, whether equal extravagant with Internal Adapter?

Not, experts say that when not in use, PC Cards not as wasteful. But for the sake of saving, of course, you can remove it when not in use.

According to the info, PC Cards are divided into two types. The first type is called Original Standard. Also known as PCMCIA type of older models, because they use a data transfer speed of 16-bit, and only supports 802.11b wireless network standardized. This type is used on older model laptop.

As for the second type, has a transfer speed of 32 bits, because it already supports CardBus. PC Cards this type can detect and access the wireless network 802.11a/g/n. Laptop produced 90s and above, generally supports this type of PC Cards.

Laptop output for 2006 upwards, usually capable of using both types of PC Cards. The latest laptops, generally using a special slot called ExpressCard. Physically, this type slot using a different card types, and is not compatible with both types above.

USB Adapters

For now, the wireless adapter in place of the USB slot may be the best alternative for accessing the wireless network. Why? Because almost all computer output 2000 and onwards either laptop or desktop, have been equipped with a USB slot.

Wireless adapters of this type, either placed directly or connected again with cables, are already equipped with a built-in antenna. In addition to its small and lightweight makes it practical to be moved or be carried.

Consider the figure below. This is an example of the shape of a USB Wireless Adapter.

TP-Link N300

Wireless USB adapter present in with a variety of shapes and sizes. Capabilities and features that owned also vary. From the most simple, until the futuristic. That is because each manufacturer has its own philosophy and its target audience.

And, because the antennae are larger and easier to manipulate, you can expect a better performance than internal adapters.

In addition to the adapter that is shaped like the picture above, there is also a USB adapter that looks very similar to a Flash Drive or Flash Disk.

For example you can see below.

Cisco Linksys AE2500

Because of the shape and smaller size, USB adapters of this type generally has a transmitter and a receiver with a lower ability than PC Cards, or USB adapter that seen in the first image.

That of course would affect the ability of catching and transmit wireless signals. USB adapters of this type often fail to detect and capture the signal. As a result, communication via wireless often disconnected.

As technology advances, now wireless adapter that is similar to the Flash Drive is becoming more sophisticated and reliable. Evidently, almost all owners of desktop computers around the world use this type of wireless adapter.

Expansion Cards For Computer Desktop

Wireless adapters of this type, look like with the other expansion cards. For example, sound card or video card. Even the placement is the same. Namely tuck in a special slot located on the motherboard. Consider the image below. This is one example of a wireless adapter types of expansion cards.

Ableconn PEX10-SAT

Although it looks different, but many types of these adapters are actually the same adapter that is placed on a PCMCIA slot.

If you happen to buy this type of adapter with built-in antenna, means you do not need to seek external antenna connectors that fit. But if it turns out there is no antenna bulit-in?

Means you have to look for external antenna connectors that fit. Yes, troublesome indeed. Besides still have to deal with wires, some other issues are also frequently encountered. For example, the signal is lost or disrupted by computer casing, or other devices that were around.

With all the difficulties it does not mean that this type of adapter may not work well. This type of adapter is still able to work equally well with other types of adapters. Especially if you master matters related to wireless technology. For example, on what is often a nuisance signals, and so forth.

But if you do not want to bother, wireless adapters types USB may be more appropriate for you and everyone at this time.

Here is some wireless adapter types USB that is frequently used of people and offices:

TP-Link N150 TP-Link AC1200
TP-Link N150 TP-Link AC1200
Wireless Type 802.11 802.11 b/g/n

Support USB 2.0

Single 2.4GHz

Wireless Speed up to 150Mbps
Wireless Type 802.11 a/c

Support USB 2.0 and 3.0

Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Wireless Speed up to 1,200Mbps

Both types of wireless adapter USB above, comparison clearly visible. TP-Link N150 is ideal for home or personal while TP-Link AC1200 is wireless adapter for the office or business location that has access to a super fast connection.

Not only two wireless adapters the above. Course you know, there are a few more types that are selling well in the market such as:

Linksys AE3000
Panda Wireless PAU06
Belkin N600 DB F9L1101
Avantree Mini Dongle

Ensure yourself to buy that suits your needs and your computer or laptop device supports it.

All brands and series a wireless adapter in the above can be found in computer stores around your house or buy them at the online store of your subscription.

Buying products from the direct producers will aid you in making warranty claims and product quality 100% original.

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