Tips Before Buying Notebook

Tips Buying Notebook
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Currently many brands of notebooks circulate on the market, both local and foreign brands which also has a variety of features cangih offered. Surely you will confuse the first time you going to buy a notebook.

On this occasion I will share some Tips Buying Notebook that may be a consideration for you to choose and buy the best notebook, so you can choose according to need.

Before you come to an electronics store and buy a notebook, you should consider the following:

Your Needs

Determine use notebook that you want to buy, will be used for anything. For example: if you need the notebook to design, image editing, or perhaps to play games, then you will need a notebook that has the specs (Processor, RAM and Graphics Card) that is good. With minimal RAM 6GB Graphics Board a separate alias dedicated, eg which uses NVidia Geforce with a minimum of 2GB of graphics memory. And must be supported by at least i5 or i7 Processor so that the resulting performance is quite good. Obviously the higher the specification of his notebook performance will be better.

Another case if your need for office only, in the sense of its use only for light work. Notebook with a standard specification is already to meet your needs.

Screen Size

One of the fundamental differences between a Notebook with a PC Desktop is a mobility. One goal for people is to use the Notebook can easily be taken anywhere. Unlike the PC Desktop that are difficult to carry.

Notebook Screen Size
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If you do not have a problem with weight Notebook then you can determines the screen size you want to fit your needs. For small sail notebook is comfortable and mild to carry. But if for typing or working long in front of the Notebook will certainly tiring your eyes. Large size of Notebook that would be more convenient if for typing or working longer. But this just going to be heavy to carry.


Batteries are one of the vital components in an electronic goods. As with other gadgets such as Mobile Phone, MP3 player, PDA, and so on. Battery life play an important role. Surely you do not want your convenience interrupted because battery quickly exhausted is not it?

Well, preferably when you are going to buy a notebook, ask first with the seller how long the notebook’s battery can last. Do not be too quick to believe the lure of a battery that can last long. Because usually the info provided on the packaging box about the battery life, only is the approximate endurance when the notebook is not in use (standby). But in fact when wear is not necessarily appropriate.

Battery life is usually determined by the number of cell, 3 cell, 4 cell, 6 cell, 8 cell, and so forth. The greater the number of cell it will be more durable. But be aware of how to use your notebook as well. Because it is something that greatly affects the fast or slow the battery runs out. As user to image or video editing, play games, watch video, and screen brightness as well as the applications running in the background.


Before you buy a Notebook, you must selecting want to buy products that Authorized Warranty or Parallel Import (PI) or Warranty Black Market (BM).

Authorized Warranty is a the warranty provided by a company which holds the rights and authority (Authorized) to a product brand and distributed through appointed dealers to sell their products (Authorized Dealer).

Warranty PI is the warranty provided by the store that sells a specific product brand to the buyer.

Then if the Notebook is Guaranteed PI, what it’s not good? Not really. It’s just that we do not know clearly whether the goods are 100% brand new condition or not. Is there any guarantee in writing from seller. Given the spare parts Notebook are expensive.

Authorized Warranty usually provide a warranty for all parts in the notebook, except software, battery and adapter. In fact there are some vendors who dared to give a warranty to batteries and adapters.


Last, but not less important. Check references from the people closest to you who understand the world of technology, and look infoirmasi reliable on the internet about the product that became your target.

I have some references Notebook best for you and can be an option for those of you who want to buy a notebook in the near future. Some Notebook below are probably already very familiar in your ears, or maybe it was you seek to buy? Try checking the specifications and their prices.

Notebook Brands Specification
HP AY011NR (15 Inch)
Procesor : Intel i5-6200U Gen 6th

Graphic Card : 4GB (Intel HD Graphics 520)


Storage HDD : 1TB 5400RPM Serial ATA
Rating :
Dell Inspiron 2017 (15 Inch)
Dell Inspiron
Procesor : Intel i5-6200U

Graphic Card : Integrated Graphics


Storage HDD : 1TB 5400 RPM HDD
Rating :
Acer Aspire 575 (15 Inch)
Acer Aspire E5-575
Procesor : i3-7100U Gen 7th

Graphic Card : Integrated Graphics


Storage HDD : 1TB 5400RPM HDD
Rating :
MSI GE62 (15 Inch)
Procesor : Intel i7-6700HQ

Graphic Card : 3GB (GTX 970)

Memory RAM : 12GB GDDR5

Storage HDD : 1TB SATA
Rating :
ASUS F556UA (15 Inch)
Procesor : Intel i7-7500U

Graphic Card : Integrated Graphics

Memory RAM : 8GB DDR4

Storage HDD : 1TB HDD 5400 RPM
Rating :

It’s few Tips Buying Notebook that I can give to you. Hopefully you can choose the best Notebook you want and as needed.

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