Tips Before Buying a Computer Assembly

Buying computer assembly? Why not?

Tips Buying Computer Assembly

There is a myth very ordinary, people said buy a computer assembly it will only cause problems. Buy a branded computer, more trouble-free.

This myth is not always true. Originally I examine and understand what we buy. Buying computer assembly clearly more advantageous economically and can be tailored to our needs.

One more thing, branded computers (despite well-known brand) is basically a computer assembly also. The brand owners do not make their own components for the computer their assemblies, but rather buy from a manufacturer of components and then labeled with their brands.

Up here you probably already know what I mean, that each branded computers, remains assembled as well.

Tips Buying Computer Assembly

The things that need to be considered before buying a computer assembly :


The need or Usefulness

Identification of the first computer that you will buy. Will be used for anything, or to run any application or games. This will determine the specifications of the computer that you will buy.

If only just for office work such as typing letters, reports, presentations and the Internet, it might be a computer with standard specifications can meet it. However, different if you want to use for run sophisticated application like Cinema4D or the latest Autocad. Computers for it is not a standard computer for office.

But if you want to use of more specific, to play the game (example), your requires specification of components is different again. Assembled computer to play games very much different from the computer used to run application.

So, first identify your needs.


Budget Funds

Once of computers you specify, you must determine again how much the maximum funding that will be used to buy computer assembly. Specify also a cost for other supporting devices that you need such as headphones, keyboard, or maybe UPS.

These funds will determine which computer that you will buy. Whether low-end, mid-end, or whether high-end.

In addition, there are some deep things that you should know before buying a computer assembly. Yes, it is the hardware used.

Each computer hardware have different types and each type has suitable partner. But that’s not the problem. You have to make sure the seller provides a warranty for every piece of hardware in the computer assembly. Some have a warranty is long such as processor, VGA and motherboard and a other have shorter warranties like RAM memory.

Although you have selected the computer that you want to buy, but make sure you also ask about the warranty and ask for the warranty card before making the payment to the seller!

Some of hardware that you will get when buying a computer assembly :

CPU (Central Processing Unit)
VGA (Video Graphics Array)
RAM Memory
Hard Drive
Optical Drive
LAN Card
Sound Card
Power Supply
CPU Case
Operating System

Hardware that is also included in it (some must be purchased again as an extra) :

Keyboard & Mouse
Speaker or Headphone

Typically, the seller will not explain more clearly to the hardware that is rarely mentioned. Perhaps, the average seller just write down the type of processor, memory and ram vga only. And you have to ask for more information about devices above and ask the type or series used by computer.

When you’ve actually determine your computer selection, now you can buy it in stride.

Here I have some computer assembly that may can be a reference for you.

Dell Optiplex 780

Dell Optiplex 780 Specification
CPU : Core2Duo 2.9 GHz

VGA : Intel GMA X4500

RAM : 8 GB

Hard Drive : 1 TB

Recommended for : Work

Dell Optiplex 780 is suitable for you to work like writing, create report and surfing in internet. Equipped with 8GB RAM which makes the performance of computers are getting faster. Dell Optiplex 780 too is equipped with a storage capacity of 1TB that will make you free to store more data.

Equipped with Windows Professional 64-Bit.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A

CyberpowerPC GUA3100A Specification
Cyberpower GUA3100A CPU : AMD FX-4300 3.80 Ghz

VGA : AMD Radeon R7 240

RAM : 8 GB

Hard Drive : 1 TB

Recommended for : Gaming

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3100A is computers with high specification devoted to playing games. This computer is supported by 8GB of RAM and 1TB Hard Drive for can save your favorite games!

Equipped with Windows 10 Home.

Dell Inspiron i3847

Dell Inspiron i3847 Specification
Dell Inspiron i3847 CPU : Intel i7-4790 3.6 GHz

VGA : Integrated Graphics

RAM : 16 GB

Hard Drive : 2 TB

Recommended for : Business

Dell Inspiron i3847 is a computer that was released in mid 2016 ago. The computer is designed for working busy like opening multiple applications simultaneously. Equipped with 16GB of RAM and 2TB Hard Drive makes it very suitable for the you that are working in a computer with multi tab.

In addition, the Dell Inspiron i3847 is equipped with Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit and you can upgrade to Windows 10.

But it all depends on your needs and your budget. We only recommend the best for you to choose.

A good idea to buy a computer is a guided by relatives or friend who know the ins and outs of the computer to make sure it suits for you. Never buy without reading the tips from people or without guides who understand.

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