Tips Before Buying TV

Want to buy a new television? Do not rush, try to learn how to choose the right TV and wise! So you have no remorse or dissatisfaction in the future.

Tips Before Buying TV

Speaking of choose, would not be separated from kaedah-specific kaedah. Such as choosing the appropriate model of taste, adjust the size or dimensions of the area of the room, and so forth. Well, just so you understand how to determine the TV is good and suitable for your house, then check out Tips Before Buying TV below!


Tips Before Buying TV


1. Type TV

The first thing to do is to know and understand first what are the differences between types of TV on the market. Currently, this type of television is divided into three kinds, namely the Plasma TV, LCD, and LED. Each type has a significant difference, among which are:

Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma TV is the type TV most old than others. Because it is more affordable, the technology diusungnya was slightly behind. Intent left here is there are some new features that are not owned by this type of television, but it is already loaded by other TV types. In addition, he has a body design that is much thicker than an LCD or LED TV. However, not a few of the people who still choose a plasma TV as a casual friend at home.

TCL 32S3800 LCD and LED TVs arguably like twins. Both have the same technology, the LCD type screen. Only, in LCD TV technology he is still carrying on CCFL or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps as its backlight. CCFL is famous for its wasteful of energy. Thus, it is not uncommon these types of TV users complained about the electricity bill which is always above average. In contrast to the LED TV. This kind of television has been using LED Lamp is much more efficient in power consumption. So it will be much more economical for all the users.

2. Contrast Ratio

Each television has the ability to display images with contrasting bright and dark at the same time. Such capabilities are referred to as Contrast Ratio. In general, the higher the contrast ratio owned a TV, the image quality is able to display will be higher as well. Choose a television that offers a contrast ratio is quite high, so that will give great satisfaction to you.

3. Half Life

In the TV product packaging is typically provided information about Half Life (half-life). The term is meant to explain the time span in which a television is only able to provide brightness or screen brightness at 50% of the capabilities of a new television. In general, each TV has a half life different.

4. Power Consumption

Becomes crucial for all of us to pay attention to the problem of electricity consumption on a new television. Of the three types of televisions on the market, Plasma TV is the type most wasteful than others. As an illustration, Plasma TVs require 50% of electricity consumption is greater than the needs of the LCD TV. While most economical type is LED TV, where the value of the required power consumption is only about 40% of the required total consumption of LCD TVs.

5. Price

Several years ago, the price is a benchmark in comparing the quality and quality of a product. But unlike now, where there are always items that are expensive and the quality is much better than similar goods cheaper. All returned to the viewing of the goods directly. So, do not be tempted by the usual television Neatly packed and Berbandrol expensive. It could be the brand or type of TV that is different and the price is cheaper than it actually is much better as well as satisfying.

6. Prioritize TV Warranty

Already an ethical shopping long ago, that the items have a warranty much more main than similar goods are sold without warranty. Always make sure that you buy a television that has the complete documents relating to the guarantee facility available. Do not get on the packaging says ‘warranty 1 Year’ but no one any document that you take home as a primary procedure to redeem the warranty at a later date. Also, try the applicable warranty from the store where the purchase of TV is the official warranty from the vendor, not a guarantee of the owner of the shop.

7. Note the Location Service Center

Each television brand has its office service center respectively. It is still related to warranty issues. If possible, buy a television that has an official guarantee and provided office service center that is quite close to your home. So if one day your TV problem, you can bring it to the store where you purchased and will be immediately transferred to the nearest service center for repair. The closer the location of the service center of the store address, the faster actionable.

We have some recommendations TVs that could be the benchmark you to choose. But this all depends on your choice.

The Most Recommended LED TV The Most Recommended Plasma TV
Samsung UN24H4000 (24 Inch)
Samsung UN24H4000
Sceptre X405BV (40 Inch)
Sceptre X405BV
Samsung UN32J5003 (32 Inch)
Samsung UN32J5003
Panasonic TH-42PX60U (42 Inch)
Panasonic TH-42PX60U
Samsung UN40J5200 (40 Inch)
Samsung UN40J5200
Samsung PN43F4500 (43 Inch)
Samsung PN43F4500
Samsung UN75J6300 (75 Inch)
Samsung UN75J6300
Samsung PN51D6500 (51 Inch)
Samsung PN51D6500
Samsung UN88JS9500 (88 Inch)
Samsung UN88JS9500
Panasonic TC-P55VT50 (55 Inch)
Panasonic VIERA TC-P55VT50

All decisions available to you, consider the needs and comfort are the most important thing to choose.

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