How to Take Care of Computer

How to Take Care of Computer

If you have a personal computer at home, you would have loved him with the computer you helped any digital activity such as office tasks, browsing, listening to music or watching video. Therefore, you are required to take care the computer so that durable.

You are reading the right article because here I am going to share How to Take Care of Computer.

There are some simple steps that have to do your routine to take care of your beloved computer. Some simple ways and others may require patience and a little fee. Why should there be the cost? Of course you need the cost of buying a computer cleaners such as cleaning kit and the computer nurse like Antivirus software.

Ok, we go straight into the subject to maintain and care for your computer properly.


How to Take Care of Computer


1. Operate Computers Accordance Procedures

Happy Computer It can not be denied again, operate the computer in a way that is good and right will give a good impact for your computer.

Operate a computer in accordance with the procedures is a smart move that you can do to keep your computer remain durable and able to be used in the long term.

If you already know how to operate a computer is good and right, now you just develop the knowledge that your activities with everyday computer does not make you feel bored.

2. Clean the Computer Device from Dust

Clean Computer If you’ve ever assemble his own computer, surely you already know the components contained in your computer. These components will run optimally if the condition is good.

You can imagine if your CPU has never been cleaned for several months, even year, for sure you will see the dust settled and began to thicken. It can interfere with the performance of the components said.

For example CPU Cooler, if you do not take the time to do the cleaning regularly, dust and dirt will stick on the sidelines or fan that can slow the rotation of the fan, can even be fatal. You can imagine if the fan on the CPU you suddenly die. Your computer will surely heat up quickly and it is possible if your computer suddenly dead or damaged.

Here are some cleaning tools computer components that can help you in cleaning components from dust.

Screen Cleaning Kit
Tech Armor Cleaning Kit
iKlear Cleaning Kit
EasyGo Computer Cleaner
Smaller Ball Screen Cleaner

3. Ventilation Enough To Computer

Room Ventilation If you are using a computer in a closed room, you should make sure the indoor air temperature is still cold. Because the room temperature affects the components of the computer. If the room temperature of your computer unstable or heat, then the components of your computer will also heat up quickly, this is because the cooling fan is contained in a computer casing can not balance the temperature in the computer.

To avoid this, you should create ventilation sufficient or pair the air conditioning so that the indoor temperature is maintained. So that the components of your computer is not fast heat (overheating) because if that happens, is possible your computer will die suddenly. You can also provide additional cooling devices on your CPU casing.

4. Remove Programs Unnecessary

Trash Computer Too many install the application on a computer will cause the performance of the computer system does not run stable and the computer will droop when running the application.

This is because the places used by the application (resource) that you install will take place a lot and excessive. It was not good and is not recommended. Moreover, if the computer you’re using has a standard specification or mediocre.

For a computer running stable, you can remove unnecessary programs. Because these programs can slow down the performance of the computer. If you need such programs in the future, you simply install again.

Make sure you only install applications that you frequently use everyday. Delete apps that you rarely use even none at all.

5. Use Antivirus and Periodic Update

Antivirus Computer Use of antivirus is one smart move to care for and maintain the computer to prevent rapid deterioration. antivirus function itself is as a protection from computer virus attacks.

Lots of free and paid antivirus software that you can use to protect your beloved computer. Some of the famous brands that recommended to you:

Norton (by Symantec) Webroot
Norton Webroot
Quality FREE Package :

Quality PRO Package :

Support Device :
Quality FREE Package :

Quality PRO Package :

Support Device :
MCAEE (Intel Partner) Kaspersky
McAfee Kaspersky
Quality FREE Package :

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Support Device :
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Support Device :

But, if you use a free antivirus do not forget to update the antivirus database regularly from menu updates. Because free antivirus may not have the automatic update feature. So that antivirus is always detected an attack the latest viruses.

By following some of the tips above, then you can care for and maintain your own computer without having to bother to call a computer technician to perform maintenance. Hopefully some smart tips above can help you in caring for your computer to remain durable.

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