Sony Introduces Fastest SD Card In The World

SF-G Series UHS-II

Sony released the world’s fastest SD Card which has a read speed of 300 Mbps and write 299 Mbps under the name SF-G Series UHS-II. This SD Card is in claims that the fastest for read and write data far above the SD Card formerly made by Sony that is UHS-I.

For what exactly Sony makes the SD Card at such high speeds?

As written by various online media including Sony’s own website, making SD Card with super speed would make taking pictures and video better. Actually SD Card is intended for a professional photographer to take high-resolution pictures and full support for DSLR.

Besides, SF-G Series UHS-II is supported by File Recovery feature where users can salvage file not accidentally deleted or not accidentally failure. File Recovery software can be downloaded via the official website of Sony.

But unfortunately, until I wrote this article Sony has not sell SF-G Series UHS-II SD Card to the public. They plan to release to the public in the coming months.

There are three types of SF-G Series UHS-II that will be sold later on, namely:

SF-G Series UHS-II 32GB
SF-G Series UHS-II 64GB
SF-G Series UHS-II 128GB

Highly recommended for digital cameras and 4K video recording.

But do not worry, I will continue to update this article if Sony has officially released SF-G Series UHS-II to the public. So, save this article address in your browser bookmarks. Possible Sony will release a little bit just to test this first release.

Whether this will be the only SD Card with super speed and features the greatest recovery? What do you think about this SD Card?

Next, we look back. Sony has made some kind of SD card which also have features fast read and write as we have know along the SF-G Series UHS-I SD Card is made by Sony that has features read and write speeds to 70 Mbps.

Here are some of the SD Card previous made by Sony:

Sony UHS-1 SDHC 8GB (Class 10)
Sony UHS-1 SDHC 16GB (Class 10)
Sony UHS-1 SDHC 32GB (Class 10)
Sony UHS-1 SDHC 64GB (Class 10)
Sony UHS-1 SDHC 128GB (Class 10)

Despite differences in read and write speeds are quite far away but this SD Card is in demand in the market even though the price is relatively more expensive than other brands with the same capacity.

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