Tips to Save Mobile Phone Batteries

Save Mobile Phone Batteries

Running out of mobile phone battery is the most annoying thing when we’re away from the flow of electricity for example, when we are at a location that is far from home. Because the battery runs out, it becomes difficult to contact families. Or the most annoying again is when we are cool to get together with old friends and the phone battery runs out, we can not take that moment with a photo together.

I recommend that you always bring POWERBANK if you want to travel to distant places of electricity.

There are several factors that lead to mobile phone batteries run out quickly and the most common is because the power consumption of the phone itself.

I have some tips to save your phone’s battery and troubleshooting is absolutely proven to be effective. What the tips on that? Listen below:


Tips to Save Mobile Phone Batteries


Background Apps Too Much

It most commonly occurs because few people use almost all social media applications on their phones without knowing what the effects of too much running the application.

Let’s take the example of some social media applications most frequently used by people today is Facebook, Path and Instagram. Three most commonly installed applications on mobile phones today.

Did you know that social media applications like it that are always running in the background without us knowing it and of course it was very draining mobile phone batteries.

Background Apps Imagine if Facebook application to renew the porch and load status, photos, videos and new notifications from your friends every minute of it? How many times it refreshes application without your knowledge? It’s just Facebook, what if plus others such as Instagram and Path? You can already imagine how often your phone works in the background without your knowledge.

Therefore, I want to share these Tips to Save Mobile Phone Batteries for you who want to conserve cell phone battery without having confused. No need to worry because this can be overcome with a simple way that is, out of the social media accounts that you do not need (no need to uninstall the application, you just need to get out of the account). By doing so, the application will not refresh automatically and run in the background again. It’s a little inconvenient, but this way is quite helpful to save your phone’s battery.

There Applications Still Open

Android Gear How often you press the Home button on the phone? By pressing the Home button is very strategic to the mobile phone directly to the initial view but, did you know that the application or game is running will not come out just like that if you press the Home button. Application or game is still running in the background of and continue to drain the phone battery your phone. Hmm… Almost everyone does this short way to get to see the beginning of the phone but never think about what is going on behind the scenes.

Think if you’re play on your phone and suddenly you sleepy and wanted to go straight to bed, then you press the Home button because do not want to be busy.

If you fall asleep for 7 hours, then for 7 hours was also the game that drain your phone’s battery even though little by little because the phone screen is in a state of death.

Some applications and games can not be exit simply by pressing the Home button. Applications and games you want to exit must be in accordance with the way pressing the Back button or look for the Exit menu. When you exit an application or a game with the right way can save your phone’s battery.

Contrast Screen

Phone Brightness The contrast or brightness on the phone screen is also greatly affect battery life. The more light contrast you use, the faster also your phone battery runs out. Instead, use the contrast dimmed (30% – 50%) in addition to conserve cell phone battery, with contrast dimmed also Will not damage your eyes.


As information for you: Do not make your phone brightness contrast to 100% because if you are too long to use it, it will harm your eyes.

Those are some Tips to Save Mobile Phone Batteries from me. May be useful for you.

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