How to Distinguish Original Charger and Counterfeit

Original Charger

Charger is the most important tool for any gadget owners because if the charger is damaged or missing, the gadget cannot be turned on. Therefore, keep your original charger gadget well.

But if you’ve lost the original charger gadget, then you should know this article before to buy them back. Be sure to select the appropriate original product recommended by the manufacturer of these gadgets.

There are several ways to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit charger that you can see with your eyes. Some of them are very obvious comparison, here’s how to distinguish:

1. Bring Your Original Charger When Buying

When you want to buy a new charger, make sure to bring the original charger. The goal is to equalize the design until all the numbers listed on its charger. Also do not forget to match the shape of the USB port that is in its charger. If you’re observant, you will find a noticeable difference between genuine and counterfeit charger.

Fake Charger

Many differences can be seen in the original charger with fake ones. Starting from the design, form plugs (usually false leaner without detail), and the text color.

2. Shape USB Cable

In addition to the form and text on the charger, you also need to pay attention to your gadget’s original USB cable. Besides being used to recharge the batteries, a USB cable can also be used to transfer files from gadget to a computer or vice versa. If the USB cable you bought turned out to be false, besides not optimal in to recharge the battery, it will certainly affect the transfer of files between computers and gadgets.

Fake USB Charger

To distinguish the original USB cable with a fake, you have to pay attention to the thickness and length of its USB plugs. Usually fake charger is equipped with a USB socket that is longer and thicker with a darker color.

3. Help Distinguish By Application

To check the authenticity of charger you, especially on Samsung and iPhone are becoming more crowded with fake charger. Ampere is an application that will calculate the amount of power that goes into smartphones currently in-charge. So, to find out if real or fake charger, immediately download the application Ampere .

Ampere on Nexus 4

After Ampere installed on a gadget, you just need to start recharging smartphones. Then see how the voltage and current into the smartphone. As soon as the results came out, immediately equate with what is written on the head of the charger. If it turns out his figures much different voltages (in the bottom half of the voltage value is written) then you are obliged to suspect that it was a fake. Especially if it turns out the current generated is too weak.

4. Buy in the Official Store

Trusted Online Shopping

As time advances, now shopping even more convenient and easy just stay online shopping only.

Well, tips to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit charger mentioned above certainly can not be used when shopping online. To avoid purchasing counterfeit charger, we recommend that you buy a charger at the official online store. Some manufactures have authorized shop and have an official account on e-commerce sites for shopping with guaranteed genuine goods and provide warranty.

Some of these original charger that you can buy directly through a trusted e-commerce sites are:

Name Price
Samsung EP-TA20JWE for S6 and Note 4
Samsung ET-DQ11Y1WEBUS for S5 and Note 3
Samsung EP-TA20JWE for S7
Anker A7101021 for iPhone 7, 6s Plus, 6 Plus
AmazonBasics Apple for All iPhone and iPad

Because today many false charger for Samsung cell phones and iPhone so I just give a list of the original charger both brands mentioned above.

5. Do not be Fooled By Price

Fake Charger Barcode

Not only to the charger problem, price is always a powerful weapon to lure consumers. Be the smart gadget users to not easily tempted by cheaper prices, but it offers the best features. Be aware that many of the components in the charger that is supposed for safety, stability and durability omitted to reduce the selling price of a charger.

That’s how to distinguish genuine and fake charger.

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