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Bluetooth Speaker
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Either for work or while on the recreation and relaxation, you can know that bluetooth speaker is very useful for play and entertaining to listen to your favorite music.

You can listen to the music itself or liven up a party at home. And because the music is better enjoyed with friends, bluetooth speakers is the right choice companion in the days of boring to be amazing.

But choosing the right speakers is not easy. Because different brands and features that are sold in the market, you will require a time to selecting and find the best one that suits your needs.

Things to consider when choosing Bluetooth Speaker

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a bluetooth speaker. Here are 7 Tips Choose Bluetooth Speaker that good and right.


If you wantid use it for smartphone, tablet or laptop, you need to know whether you buy speakers that are compatible with the gadget. It is very important to ensure that the speakers can be used with different devices before buying.


You may notice that some of the best bluetooth speakers that are sold in the market have additional features such as a clock, alarm, docking, additional connection capabilities and built-in mic for phone calls. I strongly recommend you to buy a set of speakers that has additional features that you can use even with MP3 Player old model.

Sound Quality

With bluetooth speaker, you can not choose just on looks alone. Not all brands of speakers meet the voice quality that you would expect. To be able to determine the type of bluetooth speaker, you should visit an electronics store or audio and choose the best one there, and even then if they sell the original.

Also by finding different reviews about bluetooth speaker that can be found on the internet to help you decide whether it’s brand is the perfect one for you. Other than that, you can also find it by well-known brands such as the following:

Sonos Play
Sonos Play
Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo
Brand : Sonos

Release : October 14, 2013

Rating :

Features : All-In-One
Brand : Amazon

Release : November 6, 2014

Rating :

Features : All-In-One
Photive HYDRA Waterproof
Photive HYDRA
OontZ Angle 3
Cambridge SoundWorks
Brand : Photive

Release : May 1, 2013

Rating :

Features : All-In-One
Brand : Cambridge SoundWorks

Release : July 1, 2015

Rating :

Features : All-In-One

Other well-known brands: JBL, Anker, Bose, Sony and Beats

Brand at the top is brand bluetooth speaker is already sells its products worldwide, and no doubt the quality of his voice. But you should not be tempted by expensive price and good quality. You still have to ask for the warranty, because the original product always get a warranty from the distributor or the brand.


Because this is a bluetooth speaker, that you expect to be able to go wherever you go. Portability is an important part that you will need to take a closer look before buying the best bluetooth speaker. Choose one that suits your lifestyle.

Power Requirement

Bluetooth speaker like any other electronic device that you have, they all need power. Before buying the speakers, you also need to decide to choose the power generated. If you want to save money you can choose that can be recharged by USB. But if you want to bring speakers to a place that did not have electricity for charging via USB, you must select that use batteries.

It should be noted that the use of rechargeable batteries need more cost a lot because they require replacement battery after some time it is used.

More suitable to choose bluetooth speaker who has both these features.


Perhaps one of the most important things you need to consider when buying a best bluetooth speaker is price. There are some bluetooth speaker who has an expensive price, while others are cheaper. Remember not to rely on price, but also with the quality of the speakers that will be purchased. This way, you will be able to ensure that the product you buy can satisfy you to listen to music with a melodious voice every day.

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