Tips for Choosing the Best UPS

Today I will explain more about Tips for Choosing the Best UPS if you or your family wants to buy a UPS. We recommend that you read this article until the end to find out which the UPS is fitting for you to have.

Tips for Choosing the Best UPS

The average electronic equipment such as computers often used for work. But what if in the area you frequent power outage? Whether it will affect the computer? Of course yes! Lots of computer components can be damaged if the computer often die not normal. For example hard drive, when computer are currently in the process of read / write and suddenly die then the computer disk in the hard drive could be hampered. If this often occur then hard drive can be easily damaged. Therefore, turn off the computer in the normal way, this is highly recommended.

Unlike the computer, the laptop has a battery backup that makes the laptop stays on even if the power fails. Because the laptop is made for portable so that it can be taken anywhere so they should have a battery. Then what about the computer? Is there a battery that can be used when the power suddenly goes out? Here is where I will explain about UPS.

Computer battery? Of course there is, it is called UPS. Computer battery is also more commonly called a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is electronic tool to cope with power outages sudden. UPS is an additional component that did not participate in the computer system so you do not need to install drivers or something. But there are also some UPS who have a driver for computer to see the state of the UPS from the computer, but the price this UPS is quite expensive.

You can find many types of UPS in electronic stores, each UPS has type, features and specifications are different. Therefore, this time I will provide Tips for Choosing the Best UPS for your computer. In this way your computer components can be more durable because you still have time to turn off the computer normally.


Tips for Choosing the Best UPS


What is UPS? What Its function?

As explained above, UPS can also be referred to as a computer battery. Providing temporary power intake to your computer if there is a power outage suddenly. This way you can have time to save all work or your data and shut down the computer normally.

Type of UPS

Type of UPS There are two important factors that you should know when you want to buy a UPS. First is the power you need and the second is the type of UPS. Maybe you see UPS from the power eg 1000 VA but some brands UPS that has the same strength, but the price is very much different.

UPS has three different types. The most low cost usually known as Offline / Standby UPS. If you do not mention the types of UPS what you need, you may be given this type when buying electronics store.

Standby UPS must charge the battery and then had to wait until the power outages. When power lines were down, Standby UPS will act as a backup battery. This transfer takes about 20-100 milliseconds.

Line-Interactive UPS has a design similar to the Standby UPS which has a special transformer. Special transformer makes Line-Interactive UPS better in handling exit and entry of power. If you live in an area that is frequently down power or low voltage, Line-Interactive UPS UPS is ideal for you to buy.

Online UPS is the type UPS most expensive because it requires a lot of additional circuitry. Online UPS completely isolate the device from incoming power. Not like Standby UPS or Line-interactive UPS that were active when the electrical teganggan down or die, Online UPS continues to filter the electrical forces that go through the battery. There will never be lost even if the electric power milliseconds in the event of voltage problems. Online UPS such as firewalls, stabilize electricity coming into your electronic device.

Comparing Secondary Features

Smart UPS Although UPS advanced, it only serves as a battery in electronic devices that you have. There is also an advanced UPS has additional features to make it look attractive. Once you know the basic functions of a UPS lets see additional features that are owned by UPS.

Availability of support OS: UPS not only contains a battery. Each UPS which are expensive have an application installed on a computer so you can easily interact with UPS. For most types of UPS is connected to a computer via USB, when the UPS battery is very weak then it will automatically shutdown process to the computer.

Number of Outlets: UPS generally has an outlet on-battery and off-battery. Make sure that there are enough outlets or plugs for your needs.

Cables filter: If you use cable model and router, you must selected specification UPS can protect Ethernet and Coax cables.

Screen: Not all UPS has a screen (and even you do not care if it does not exist), but they can also be useful. UPS with old models and low-end may not have a screen. But if there is, it will provide information such as remaining time UPS, battery charge and so forth.

Fan: Small UPS does not have a fan, large UPS usually have it. Usually this kind of UPS ground or placed in another room so the noise of the sound is not intrusive.

The batteries can be replaced: UPS battery bertaham least 3 to 5 years. When battery is broken, UPS will not useful again and you have to buy a new battery. If you use UPS has a battery specification that can be replaced, this would not be a problem. But if you buy a UPS whose batteries can not be replaced and you need to buy a new UPS.

I also had some UPS and you can see below this article, several brands and types may already be familiar in your ear because some brands of this is recommended for electronic equipment.

UPS Name Power
1500 VA
APC 2200
APC 2200VA
2200 VA
CyberPower PR2200
CyberPower PR2200LCD
2200 VA
CyberPower PR1500
CyberPower PR1500
1500 VA
Tripp Lite 1000
Tripp Lite
1000 VA

That’s Tips for Choosing the Best UPS that may be useful for those of you who want to buy a UPS. Now you can compare which UPS suitable for your daily needs.

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