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Android TV Box
Image of Android TV Box MI Box and Amazon Fire TV

Android TV Box is a tool that can be paired to all TVs like Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Polytron and other brands. How to use Android TV Box is very simple and easy, just plug the adapter into the power jack and an HDMI cable to your TV, and your TV will be a smart TV that displays a menu of Android.

How to use it is also very easy, if you can use android phone, then you can operate a Android TV Box.

Know Android TV Box

Android TV Box is divided into two types: Box and Stick. What is the difference? Listen below.

  • Android TV Stick shaped stick, sized of approximately 10cm x 3cm x 2cm or half the size of an external hard drive.
  • Android TV Box shaped square and sized approximately 20 cm x 20 cm x 3 cm, slightly larger than an external hard drive.

These differences affect the shape of the hardware such as available slots. Because the shape of Android TV Stick it only has one slot USB and one slot USB OTG. Suitable for you who like to travel out of town and often stay in hotels that provide free WiFi.

Power Adapter 5V Power adapter can also use a regular cell phone, as long as it has a voltage DC 5 Volt (5V), 1 ampere or 2 amperes. The most practical is using the power of the TV, because 95% of TV LED / LCD currently has a USB slot. The voltage and amperage of USB TV Sure DC 5 Volt, with a current of 1 ampere. For information, 1A = 1.000mAh, just different units only, mili ampere and ampere.

Android TV Box, which are three times greater than Android TV Stick has more complete hardware slot. Minimal Android TV Box has two USB slots, and most have four USB slots.

Port Android TV Box With a lot of these plugs, you can plug in a mouse, keyboard, flash drive or external hard drive simultaneously. It is suitable to use at home. Power use an external adapter with a DC plug, so it is not practical if the go. Because you have to bring the adapter, keyboard, mouse and flash drive or external hard drives.

The advantages of Android TV BOX is a slot LAN. With a cable, internet connection would be more faster and more stable than using WiFi. Moreover, does not affect the performance of the CPU. You will feel the difference when using a LAN cable on Android TV Box which has a small RAM.

For now, the price of Android TV Box is cheaper than the Android TV Stick. As more importers enter the box shape than the shape of the stick. Do not be surprised if you are having trouble finding Android TV Stick in electronics stores around your home.

Android TV Box Game In performance the shape of the box is better than stick form. Although it has the same specifications, form box fixed faster. You will feel perbedannya after running this tool after a few days. RAM will be left a little to be ultimately affect the performance of the processor.

It distinguishes and often into consideration the buyer is a remote. Only Android TV Box who get the remote in the package. While Android TV Stick is no remote in the purchase package.

The solution and advice from me is to use a computer mouse. Also can use a wireless mouse or cable and no need to install drivers.

Android TV Box Expensive or Cheap?

I know if you want to buy Android TV Box in accordance with needs. But the problem is, too many brands Android TV Box on the market. Why is there Android TV Box with price $50 and why there that $200? Where difference Android TV Box is cheap and expensive?

Answers to this question is very easy. Because actual Android TV Box is an Android-based phone. If you can use Android smartphone, then you can certainly operate Android TV Box. The menu is the same, there is the Browser, Settings, Gallery, and more. The settings was also the same.

Differences Android TV Box with the phone there on the screen. Android smartphones in general has a touch screen display. While Android TV Box is on your TV screen and does not must have a touch screen.

Another thing that distinguishes Android TV Box expensive and cheap is evident is in the technical specifications. Android TV Box which use Octa-Core processor is definitely more expensive than the Quad-Core. Although both have 4 processor, Android TV Box which has 2GB RAM is definitely more expensive than 1GB of RAM. Comparing the brand irrelevant.

The differences are not apparent in the technical specifications, even though it is clearly written on the packaging but eluded us is the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU). GPU is the tool’s ability to process the image to the screen. An analogy is the CPU and GPU to work together. The ability to process 3D gaming is strongly influenced by the GPU. If the term in the computer called the VGA card.

Speed Meter For now, GPU embedded in Android TV Box generally have 5 processor or Penta-Core. So, in short example the type of MXQ has own specification Quad-Core CPU and GPU if combined into Penta-Core, 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM. This specification is already the standard for now. All Android TV Box which low cost would have been like this.

The next thing is the video resolution problem. As we know, Youtube video automatic choose according to your internet speed. If slow Internet access, the quality of the video will be automatically lowered, for example at 240p or 360p. If the speed is fast enough will play in 720p or 1080p. If the connection is really very fast they can raise again up to qHD resolution or 4K (not all video presents this resolution). The problem is in the ability of GPU Android TV Box that can not play resolution videos at 1080p, the maximum is only 720p only.

Of several brands of Android TV Box, there are some who only can play in 720p quality alone, can not get to Full HD 1080p. And when compared brand “A” 720p with 720p brand “B” are expensive, you will see the difference. Similarly, the clarity of his voice. Android TV Box which cost tend to be “not clear” his voice.

Actually, with the specification Quad-Core CPU and 1GB of RAM is sufficient for the needs Browsing, Youtube, Facebook and run standard Android applications in general. You just need to be patient a little bit when loading if a very slow or hangs.

For those of you who do not want long loading or hang, choose for buy Android TV Box with minimal CPU Quad-Core and 2GB RAM or Octa-Core CPU and 2GB RAM.

Here are some Android TV Box which you can compare.

MXQ Amlogic S805 EASYTONE Amlogic S905
MXQ Amlogic S805 EASYTONE Amlogic S905
Processor : Quad-Core Cortex A5

RAM & ROM : 1GB & 8GB

Android : KitKat 4.4

Resolution : HD 1080p
Processor : Quad-Core Cortex-A53

RAM & ROM : 1GB & 8GB

Android : Lollipop 5.1

Resolution : HD 1080p up to 4K
RUPA A5X PRO RK3229 EstgoSZ Amlogic S912
RUPA A5X PRO EstgoSZ Amlogic S912
Processor : Quad-Core Cortex-A7MP

RAM & ROM : 2GB & 16GB

Android : Lollipop 5.1

Resolution : HD 1080p up to 4K
Processor : Octa-Core Cortex-A53

RAM & ROM : 3GB & 32GB

Android : Marshmallow 6.0

Resolution : HD 1080p up to 4K

Some brands above may already be familiar to you. But, you should choose Android TV Box that fits your needs.

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